At Maple Leaf Music, we know that the quality of instructors is paramount to your success. That is why all of our instructors are professionally trained in the specific instrument that they are specialized in. We proud ourselves as one of the few studios in Greater Vancouver that offer the full range of RCM Examination courses all the way up to Diploma Examinations. Getting to know our instructors means that you will be sure that you are on the right track to success.







Larissa acquired her Master and PhD degree in music from Russia and has over twelve years of music teaching experience in Vancouver. She is a multi-awarded Coloratura Soprano highly skilled in all aspects of music and performing arts with a life long experience in solo performances in concerts, recitals, opera and theatre. Larissa is a BC registered teacher of Voice, Piano, Choir Conducting, Music Theory and History at all levels ranging from children to University students as well as the general public .


Angel was admitted to the Belorussian State Academy of  Music at the age of 16 and had over nineteen years of piano training. She has held concert in Wuhan China in 2006 and won awards at the International Piano Competition in France in 2011.



Kitty Ma graduated in Shenyang Conservatory of Music. She is experienced in teaching music in Vancouver, Hong Kong and China for 30 years. She is specialized in arousing beginner's interest in music and particularly good at children's piano teaching.


May Chen graduated from Japan Toho University of Music in 1994. She obtained Certificates of Music teacher in Japan. She furthered her classical piano training in Vienna Austria studying with famous pianists . She has been teaching piano in Japan , Taiwan and Canada, She loves teaching both children and adults.




Vivian obtained her Bachelor degree in music from the Xinghai Conservatory in 2004 and has participated in hundreds of symphony orchestra performances for the film industry from 2005 to 2011. She has over nine years of violin teaching experience and many of her students have won awards in numerous competitions.




Andy is a Violin Advanced Performance major enrolled at the UBC School of Music. Having completed the Associate of the Royal Conservatory examination in performance at fifteen, he has held the concertmaster position in several local orchestras.


Currently, he is studying under Jasper Wood and working as a violin instructor at Maple Leaf Music School while also leading A Little Night Music Orchestra (ALNMO) as concertmaster.





Michael studies Guitar in Taiwan and had many years of guitar teaching experience in Taiwan before moving to Vancouver. Michael specializes in both classic and acoustic Guitar and can tailor design a specific set of practice for you so you can achieve the result desired in the shortest time.


Since graduating from the music program at Capilano University Long has been busy with teaching at music schools during the day and performing at local venues at night. Long has won local band competitions playing his own compositions and has performed at music festivals across Canada.


Beginning his music education at the age of 6, Long understands the importance of building a solid musical foundation for his students so not only they can develop an useful skill set but their musical ability can also help enrich their lives.


Ping Wu has been learning guitar since childhood and has been awarded with the folk guitar professional grade 10 certificate. Proficient in folk, classical guitar, ukulele. Ping is good at communicating with students about his unique understanding of music. Currently, he is majoring in computer science in SFU. He usually write and compose his own songs. He will customize the teaching plan for different students so as to achieve the best teaching effect.



Chiako is a professional Flute performer who has many years of teaching experience.



Sabrina was a member of Hong Kong Youth Symphonic Orchestra, and performed in Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Hong Kong City Hall and National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing.


After three years of teaching in Hong Kong, Sabrina found out a way to combine music and fun to keep students motivated throughout their learning. Sabrina thinks learning music is more than just endless practicing, it is also about building up the right attitude and bringing out student's enthusiasm for music.





Laura completes her music performing art diploma at Douglas college. She has been a member of Douglas college concert band for 3 years.





Elena Liang graduated from the Hubei University of Technology with a major in Graphic Design. After graduation, She taught arts at various levels of schools for many years and accumulated rich experience in visual arts instruction.



Sylvia is a Bachelor of Art (BA) holding artist. Her skills include a knowledge of fine art, game concept art and storyboard art. She is specialized in watercolor and sketch. After graduation, she continues her studying in Digital Media at Simon Fraser University as a concept artist.


Sylvia is passionate about teaching art to the young students and design process according to their learning curves, which introduces them to various art forms and inspires their creativity in class.